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Broaching Broaching is a metal cutting with multi teeth tool. Where accuracy and mass production is required to form shape such as square, spline, keyway, round hole, broaching is the only answer. The fed motion of the broach is compensated bt the gradient of the cutting teeth. It is possible to finish the profile to be broached by one pass in smaller/medium sized component. For bigger component high pulling force and bigger stroke machines are required.

Machine table The table is three/single station depending on customer requirement for VIBM 6T800 and single station for 3T500 and VIBM 3T600. It has a standard hole 80H7 as per DIN55143. A ring is fitted at the bottom of the machine table so as to facilitate opening of broach holder when it comes in contact with the ring. It has T-slot to mount fixture.

Drive The drive to the moving plate is through the two hydraulic cylinders for machines VIBM6T800 and VIBM3T600. For machine VIBM 3T500 the drive is through a single hydraulic cylinder. These cylinders are connected to a very well designed hydraulic powerpack. The power pack delivers force required for broaching operation.

Speed For VIBM 6T800 it is possible to change the speed of the machine by flow control valve provided on the power pack while load can be adjusted by valves. After cooler is also provided on the machine on special request if the ambient temperature of the work place is high specially in summer. For VIBM 3T500 and 3T600 the speed of the machine remains constant.

Coolant unit An efficient coolant supplies sufficient coolant oil from top. There is also the provision of oil flow on the broach through the machine table by a series of holes drilled in the machine bed. This helps to clean the chips from the broaching tool.

Swarf/Chips removal For VIBM 6T800 and VIBM3T600 the chips from the broaching process is collected in a spacious chip tray at the bottom of the machine and the tray can be emptied easily by removing from the side of the machine. For VIBM 3T500 the chips are to be removed by opening the front cover and manually removing them.

Guide ways The pull bridge is guided by the guide bars. These bars are toughened hard crome plated and are finished with close tolerance to give jerk free movement.

Pull bridge The design of solid pull bridge allows the use of standard broach holders. For VIBM6T 800 one/two/three broach holders can be used depending on the number of station in use.

Stroke adjustments The positioning of the stroke is adjusted by two limit switches. Two additional limit switches at the upper and lower reversal point of the machine can be provided for security reasons.

Safety The machine in operation requires the two push buttons mounted on the front of the machine. To be pushed by both hands. This avoids the risk of hand of the operator to be in the machine while in motion. Thus risk accident is totally avoided.

Component tray A component tray is provided for keeping the components before and after broaching on 3T machines. This can be seen from the photo of the machine table for 3 ton machine. The component tray has a provision to drain the oil on the broached components back into the machines.

Note We can also manufacture broaching machines as per requirements, for example 10Ton x 800 stroke.

WHEN ORDERING THE MACHINE We recommend urgently order at the same time the accessories required for the job as planned; this will avoid delay in putting the machine into service

Accessories Accessories are not included in the machine price as they depend on the type of broach used. They must be selected for each individual requirement. However in order to avoid delay in putting the machine into service, the remaining accessories required should be ordered together with the machine. Accessories are based in accordance with DIN 1415, DIN 1417, DIN 1418

Self Clamping broach holder SJ and SK These serve to hold broaches with round shanks in the pulling mechanism. In these holders the broaches are automatically locked for the working stroke and released after completion of the return stroke. These broach holders can be used on all horizontal and vertical broaching machines according to size.

Design SJ: For shanks J with safety device(Key) against turning in the holder.
Design SK: For shanks K without safety device against turning in the holder.
Design SR: For shanks R used for flat broaches.
A special broach holder is provided for every standardized shank diameter.

Broaching Fixtures These are used where workpieces require fixing or where a definite position of the broach is necessary.

Workpiece locations V These are interchangeable ring shaped plates, against which the workpieces rest during broaching. They are bored according to requirements and they are supplied in various sizes of bore of the workplate. Other services. Repair and reform of the broaching machines. Broaching of small and medium sized parts. Maintenance and sharpening of broaches. Manufacture of all types of broaches and Spline gauges. Manufacture of hand and hydraulic broaching press.

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